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☩Diatribes of The Impaling Prince☩
.:A Monster of Infinite Faces:.
30th-Jul-2010 02:11 am - ✗XL✗A Bountiful Wine-press
Alucard - Dust to Dust
{✠}Along the receiver ripples a succubine purr of chipped solicitations. A young girl's voice, holding back anguish as she mutters words she cannot begin to understand why she knows to be true, or how they shall bring her reprieve.{✠}

           There was a fragment of truth in that story He wrote...

        'Yes, I too can love--you yourselves can tell it from the past. Is it not so?'

If I lose my shape, dear consort, dear angel mine.. Remember the part of me that coveted you...

             ...Your memory will be my beckon to return... and be whole again.

Chapter XXICollapse )
1st-Jul-2010 10:51 pm - ✗XXXIX✗Hell in God's House
Alucard - Cross your Heart

{†}On the eve of the 30th, the alarmed sound of the church's seraphic bell gongs through the city in a frantic cry. In the lens of the video is the visage of a young boy pulling on the cord with all his might--Ash smeared across his body, there's a foreboding glow of vibrant orange dancing at his feet.{†}

Sir Arthur, the barbarians came!

{†}He shakes the device he calls a magic lantern, russet eyes pleading into the screen.{†}

They've laid siege on the church and took Sanctitatea-sa the Pope!

Ajuta-te şi cerul te va ajuta... Deşi..

{†}As the floor is slowly eaten away, he can hear the beams creaking under his weight.{†}

..You must help!

((ooc: Backdated to Wednesday night due to the notifications failure. If anyone would like to help put the church out, please reply here! http://community.livejournal.com/discedo_logs/439367.html?thread=9470791#t9470791 THANK YOU! ♥ ))
24th-Jun-2010 07:17 pm - ✗XXXVIII✗
Alucard - Seal

{✠}In the eve just after dusk, a white glove sets the device down, allowing it to pan to the soles of bleached leather boots and the high edge of an apartment building that looms over residential area.

Through the snowy grain, the child-like specter seems almost complacent as she takes in an unneeded deep breath. A puff of icy mist leaves her dainty lips, whilst scarlet eyes shimmer with delightful impishness.

The moribund scent of Warsaw is strengthening every night.

....I don't believe this was a mistake, Master.
13th-Jun-2010 10:44 pm - ✗XXXVII✗ Child's Play
Alucard - Thousand eyes
{✠}RAT-TA-TAT-TA-TAT-TA-TAT-TA-TAT-TA-TAT-TA-TAT-TA!! The automatic rabid-fire of a 1920's Tommy Gun clatters across the empty halls of Marshall's 3rd Floor, followed by the screech of multiple winged rats who were posing the gun...men(?) a bit of a nuisance than the help they usually were. From the sound of their barrating, it was like a child scolding a pack of puppies.(✠}

Hee--Mind your manners you little brats! Is that any way to treat the hand that feeds you? I should rip all of your wings off and let those Nazi quacks, with their freak factory, turn you into something useful.

What form I take means nothing to meCollapse )
6th-May-2010 03:30 pm - ✗XXXVI✗
Alucard - Thirsty
{┼}Since the humans of his own world had lost what little of their minds they still had in the week prior, the not-so-sane-himself vampire took it upon himself to... deal with them. In a not so orthodox way--as noted by the sight of him in the video lens, seated at the base of a stairwell, where across from him was an iron door, bolted shut.

Knowing they were only mere humans, he did not allow them to starve in there, of course. Yet neither would he move to loosen their long shackles against the walls, that were just short enough that neither of them could touch eachother. Only his Last Master had some leniency, being bound to Alucard's luxuriant coffin in the center of the ruined basement.

There was a hallow knock upon the steely door, his robust voice creeping in, and his icy presence touching their minds.

If either of you prove within a shadow of compos mentis, I will release you.

((ooc: Baaw and of course I must head off to work again. I'll be back to tag tonight! <3 backdated to after the event, if it wasn't obvious. ))
18th-Apr-2010 11:33 am - ✗XXXV✗
Alucard - Cross your Heart
{┼}After a year of his human and non-human compatriots dangled and taken from him like fleshy scraps, expected to beg for their return. . . somehow the violent enmity he had displayed in the previous disappearances, just could not muster itself. They would not be given the satisfaction.

The snow-dusted video, from the desk of Hellsing's director, displays the scarlet-coated specter standing by an empty chair, before an empty window, within an empty quarters. The light of the day is spilling in, spurning his hatred, yet pleasantly glinting off a shimmer of silver swinging in his grasp.

It's her Lancaster cross. The symbol of the church her blood bid him to serve beneath. Languid red eyes settle upon the glimmering icon, mouth turned down in displeasure till he snuffs at the glaring daylight and rejects it with a pull of tattered curtains, filling the room with comforting darkness.

((ooc; Backdated to two days ago as well, because I was getting my comp re-set up. :( ))
31st-Mar-2010 11:16 pm - ✗XXXIV✗Dog Days
Alucard - Hellhound
{†}The size of a pony, yet hardly as desirable to little girls... unless their name is Integra Hellsing, a pitch black saluki trots into Hellsing's modest HQ, dragging in the bloodied tongue of a chocobo eater.

For an expressionless hellhound, the beast certainly looks smug about his kill, hoping to impress his master and indirectly feed the humans she commanded. The hunt had taken he and his late master deep into the woods where none other than some perfectly violent Hound and Master of Foxhounds bonding took place.

Scouring the woods for anything of merit left nothing to the Nosferatu's wild imagination, such beasts felt like nothing more than sheep to a wolf... yet he found his entertainment is taking part in it with a man who made his extended life interesting.

Nudging the mauled piece of heavy sanguine-leaking flesh into the middle of the room, the dog's device falls from it's large steely collar, allowing the static-dusted video to focus on it's four rows of fire-engulfed eyes that stared at the blinking red light whilst it's sable maw salivated.

And like any other hound that longed to lay by a mantel and chew a bone after a hard week's catch, the hound plops down and starts gnawing on the commlink till the screen is veiled and blacked out by drool, teeth, and snarling tongue.
16th-Feb-2010 03:59 pm - ✗XXXIII✗
Alucard - Joy of War
{┼}There is but a infernal little purr creeping it's way across the receiver.{┼}

Backtracking are we now? So soon?

No matter, with Her here or there, it will not save your project.
27th-Jan-2010 04:41 am - ✗XXXII✗Loss of Her
Alucard - Thousand eyes
Betwixt Her Seed and Thy SeedCollapse )

{†}Across the receiver sings a cherubic cry of chipped lamentations. A child's voice, holding back weeping as he mutters words he cannot begin to understand why he knows, or how they've come to pass.{†}

           There was a woman here...

             ...She's gone now.

{┼}I will put Enmity between Thee and Thy WomanCollapse ){┼}

So it has come to pass just as it was. In the Gloaming of Dawn a hundred years ago... In Her name I brought forth an Unparalleled Army and laid besiege against the Arms of Man.

There Babylon Shall be FelledCollapse )
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